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Project "Do something" by Elka&Mana

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Ponedeljak, 07 Oktobar 2019 18:30

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  • Datum: Ponedeljak, 07 Oktobar 2019
  • Vreme: 18:30
  • Mesto: Libraria Carturesti Timisoara

The project "Do something!" - Photo exhibition with the screening of a short film, by the authors of Elka and Mana from Vrsac, will be presented at the Carturesti Library in Timisoara, on Monday, October 7, at 6:30 pm.

The exhibition is organized by the Cultural Center of Vrsac, in the segment of the "Guest Exhibition" program.

With the “Do Something” project, the authors present an artistic vision of their nine-day bicycle journey through Romania. Instead of a travel story, in their own way, through photography and film, they convey to the viewer the full range of emotions caused by unspoiled nature, forgotten roads and remote villages, history recorded in old abandoned buildings and a railway overgrown with grass. With their visual-art story, they remind us how important it is to stop, and absorb the beauty of the world around us, because, as they say, we may be the last generation of people who will remember the nature before it completely loses patience with us as a species that persistently wants to subjugate it.


Statement of the project "Do something!"


2 wheels / 2 passengers / 9 days / 800 kilometers / uncertainty / new and new landscapes / images alternate as on film / golden Nera / enchanted Beušnica / wild Karash / canyons / Carpathians / valleys / forgotten villages / mines / stripes / caves / rapids / waterfalls / wide lazy Danube ...
It is strange how much can fit into a person's memory. It is also strange how easy it is for a person to forget the memory of what really matters. "Do something!" is a project created out of pure love for a device that I still claim to be the most wonderful thing that has ever come to the human mind. Yes, since 1813, nothing more useful, nothing more ingenious, nothing nobler has been conceived, because taht was the time the servant of the Grand Duke of Baden, Baron Karl Platoon Drais, constructed the first bicycle. Aside from the fact that a bicycle serves as a practical means of transportation from point (a) to point (b) on a humanoid drive, its ingenious purpose nowadays lies in the power to slow it down. That’s right, the bike manages to slow the fast pace of your New Millennium lives. It has been empirically proven that moving through space at 20 km / h is the optimum speed, which will not burden the brain with the huge amount of content unknowingly leaked to your memory. A speed that lets you be aware of every shape, color, smell, wind, humidity, sun ... Such a journey through space will deeply engrave your memory and you will easily be able to reach it when you are again surrounded by the grayness of the walls of your office. „Do something“ is not just a journey through space, it is not even about overcoming physical barriers, overcoming ourselves ... it is a project that brings us back to one simple need - to see the world as it is today. On the one hand savage, too fast, congested (humans, cars, gas), complicated ... On the other hand, we could be the last generation of people who will remember nature before it goes wild and lose patience with people. That is why the pictures of still the drinking rivers, the forests in which the bear lurks, the fields in which the natural seed grows, the villages in which the meme of history is felt, are very important. Take a good look at them and place them in a drawer labeled "important".




Jelena Goricki - ELKA

Born in 1977 in Vrsac
Graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Department of Painting in the class of Professor Milan Blanusa. Since the beginning of her studies in 1997, she has been exploring the field of new media, mainly installation in space of interactive animation and photography.


1995, Soros kamp (Palic) - spatial installation "The Story of Becoming the World"
1996, political performance (Novi Sad) - "The first Serbian space shuttle / SvSava"
1997, Political Performance (Novi Sad) - "Nomadic Cycling Against Communism"
1997, Interactive Animation (Video Medea, Novi Sad) - I-ju
1998/1999, space intervention (Bečej) - „House no. 13 "
2000, the exhibition of photos from the series "Ka-bu-ki" (SKC, Belgrade)
2001, multimedia exhibition (paintings, animations, space installations) "Made by", (Concordia, Vrsac)
2001, presentation of the Olive project (SKC, Belgrade)
2001, The Tube (SKC Belgrade)
2001, Original Cancer Performance (SKC Belgrade)
2005, presentation of the project "Artifact" (Art Expo, Novi Sad)
2010, the exhibition of photo installations "Utopia Station", SPENS, Novi Sad-MUSEUM NIGHT
2013, the exhibition of paintings, "Pixel = Pigment" and presentation of the thesis of the same name, Vršac, Port Salon
2014, the exhibition of paintings, "Comrades VS Mosha's Cottage in Joy of 'Europe", Novi Sad, Shock Gallery in Passage
2014, the exhibition of paintings, "Comrades of the House of VS Mosa in the Joy of 'Europe", Belgrade, gallery "Warehouse in Kreljevic Mark"
2915, the exhibition of paintings and digital templates, "Artists on parole", Contemporary Gallery Smederevo, Smederevo
2015, the exhibition of paintings and digital templates, "Artists on parole", Gallery of the House of Culture Studentski grad, Novi Beograd
2015, the exhibition of images and digital templates, "Artists on parole", Gallery of the Kovin Cultural Center, Kovin
2015, the exhibition of images and digital templates, "Artists on parole", Vršac City Museum (Concordia), Vršac
2015, the exhibition of images and digital templates, "Artists on parole", Gallery Vega (Bastion), Timisoara
2016, Exhibition of photographs and video works within the Women's Creativity Festival, "24 hours of body-rocking", Bate Mihailovic Gallery, Pancevo
2016. ELKA Exhibition of Pictures, Digital Templates and 3D VR Galleries, Bate Mihailović Gallery, Pancevo
2017. Multimedia exhibition "Vomit and other stories", Gallery of the Cultural Center (Army House)
2017. Multimedia setting "Pictures you may not have", Cooperative Shock, Novi Sad
2019 Project „Do something“, Serbia, Vrsac, September 31,


Tamara Jovanovic-Mana

is a young artist who creates in the field of digital photography.
Mana was born in 1992 in Vrsac. She finished elementary school and high school in Vrsac. In 2011 she enrolled at the Film School in Belgrade. She has started studying photography as a medium since 2014. In addition to photography, she writes. So far, she has published a novel - "The White Pigeon" 2007, god. She lives and works in Vrsac.

Mana chooses unusual, death scenes that, thanks to her incredible directorial approach, inspire a specific Mana context. In almost every photo you could recognize the influence of Bergman, Italian neorealism, early Lynch ...
Abandoned buildings, soulless homes with hollow windows, for Mana, are "windows to a new world". Where in the foreground we see only the remains of some kind of frame, facade, and window, otherwise through this frame we often find an incredible living world. Sometimes the frames are such that we can see an infinite number of worlds, that is, windows in which there are in the background a series of "windows in windows". As this phenomenon recurs, I conclude that it is not a coincidence but an intention.

Rhythms and Structures, Serbia, Vrsac, September 9, 2017
Vespa Story, Serbia, Belgrade, December 4, 2017
Do something, Serbia, Vrsac, September 31, 2019

Wolf Festival, Serbia, Vrsac, 2017

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